Are Peacock Bass on your bucket list ? now here is your opportunity to finally cross it off the list. I am an Australian angler, that's been living in Colombia and have been chasing Peacock Bass every season since 2011. If I'm not in the jungle catching Peacock Bass, then I'm on the coast catching Rooster fish (If Rooster fish is on your list, then I can organize that as well). Unlike other guided tours here for Peacock Bass we do not have a minimum number of people, a lot of companies have a minimum of 8 people, as we know, it can be hard to organize 8 of your mates for a trip. We are quite happy to take 1 person if you like. The smaller the group the better, as we can offer a more personalized trip and cater to your every needs. There is no more than 2 fishes to every boat, plus 1 Guide, which have decades of experience on these rivers. Airport pick up and drop off, internal flights, accommodation and meals all included, plus you'll have an English speaking guide with you every step of the way. We know it is along way to travel and some of you might like to stay on for an extra few days, to see some of the sights and take in the culture. We are happy for you to stay on for a few extra days in an apartment we have, with the same transport/guide/translator. Who can take you to see the aquarium and or colourful little Colombian towns (like Guatape) so you can really immerse yourself in the culture.

The Fishing

Obviously the main species we are chasing is the mighty Tucanare (Peacock Bass) and a lot of anglers also like to catch a Payara (Vampire Fish). But there are also many other species of fish there like Piranha, Cachama, Sardinata and many different species of Catfish just to mention a few. We fish many different river systems to catch your quarry. Juriepe, Meta, Orinoco, Bita, Dagua and the Tomo river systems. The main 2 being Rio Bita and Rio Tomo as that is where the best Peacock Bass fishing is.


We stay in the comforts of a air conditioned hotel only 2 minutes drive from the boats, 10 minutes by boat to the Rio Bita. So in 15 to 20 minutes after walking out of your hotel door you could be into your first Peacock Bass of the day. On one day we can head to Rio Juriepe and chase down Vampire fish if you like. This being a longer boat ride, it is best to make a day of it. You can also catch Vampire fish in the Orinoco straight out in front of the Rio Bita and then continue back onto the Peacock bass, or head down to the Rio Dagua catch a few Piranha, troll out the front in the Orinoco for a possible Vampire fish, on the way home for an afternoon session on the Peacock Bass back in the Bita, before return back to the hotel to cool off in air conditioned comfort after a hot day on the water.


Rio Tomo is just that, camping on the Tomo river. Your along way from anywhere and won't have the opportunities to fish other systems, but you won't need to. It is the home of big Peacock Bass. You will be driven through the jungle to a camp site on the river, where the boats and set tents are already waiting there for you, a bush kitchen set up and dining area all under shelter, plus a cook to cook all your meals. A maximum of 4 anglers for this adventure, to ensure you have this place to yourself and a more personalized trip. Doesn't matter which trip you decide on, there is plenty of wild life to see along the way. As Colombia has more different species of birds and animals than any other country.


This is only a guideline, as there are to many variables in trips. Like how many people and how many days fishing you want to do. Just contact us, with how many days of fishing you would like, how many people that are going and I will send you the price. All prices are set Per Person and in American Dollars.

The 4 days in Medellin includes a trip to a colourful little town outside of the city called Guatape, where we will have lunch at one of the many restaurants, a cable car ride up into the mountains of Medellin, a trip to the Aquirium and a trip to the fish ponds to catch some cachama, pacu and if your lucky maybe even an Arapaima.
All Meals, Driver, Translator and guide provided. After you hop off the plane in Medellin, you won't need to lift a finger or open your wallet again, until after we drop you off at the airport for your trip home.


  • All airport pick up and drop offs/li>
  • Domestic flights
  • Transport/Guide/Translator
  • Accommodation
  • All meals and drinks while fishing
  • Fishing equipment if needed
  • Lures

Not Included

  • International Flights
  • Meals ( if you decide to stay on for a few extra days )
  • Yellow fever shot ( which I can organize here, much cheaper)

Best Times

Peacock Bass season is between December to April. I recommend January to the end of March.
Rooster fish are all year round, if you would like me to organise a trip to the coast.

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